In the corridor *bumping each other* Gare      : "Ahhh (bring a lot of books)" Fadhlan  : "O-Oh I'm so sorry. May  I help you?" Gare      : "Sure, Thanks." *picking up the book* Fadhlan  : "Hey, I never meet you before, what's your name?" Gare      : " My name is Muhammad Garebaldhie Er Rahman. You can call me Gare." Fadhlan  : "Nice to meet you. My name is Muhammad Fadhlan Solihan. Just call me Fadhlan Gare      : "Nice to meet you too Fadhlan" Fadhlan  : "What's your class?" Gare      : "My class is in X Science 4, what about you?" Fadhlan  : "I'm from X Science 6' Gare      : "Why you such in a rush?" Fadhlan  : "I need to buy some food because I'm hungry Gare      : "I'll accompany you" Fadhlan  : "Sure. Thanks, dude" *Walking to the cafeteria* Gare      : "What do you want to buy actually?" Fadhlan  : "I …

All About Me

It's All About Me
Hello guys!! It is my first time i make my own blog, this may seem so awkward because i've never made it before. I will explain all information about myself. My name is Muhammad Fadhlan Solihan. All of my friends call me Fadhlan. I was born in Bandung on 12th January 2002. My address is on Baranangsiang Street No. 257. I'm 15 now. I live with my parents, my little sister, my grandmother, and my grandfather. I'm a high school student on SMAN 3 Bandung. SMAN 3 Bandung is the most favourite school in Bandung. It located at Belitung Street No 8, Bandung. There are many things you will like in there. My school is full of intelligent students. All of them are are from different cities in West Java. In my school to there are lot of extracurricular you can join it. Nah, that's all of me. Sorry if i'm more telling about my school than telling about me. You can also interact with me through any other social media. Thank you for read my first post. See …