Farmhouse is one of tourist destination located on Gudangkahuripan Street no. 108, Lembang, West Bandung Regency. This place has various kind of tourist attractions. Those are Hobbit House like Hobbiton in New Zealand, Theme park with European-style buildings, Dutch costume for rent, Mini Zoo, Padlock Love, etc.

  The design of Hobbit house made a closely a possible to what you normally see in the film. This place is so Instagramable because lot of tourist take a picture and upload it to Instagram.

  If you come with your couple. You must visit "Gembok Cinta". You can perpetuate your feelings of love to your couple by locking your love in there.

There is a mini farm, where many liked by children who want to watch closely the various animals such as goat, sheep, goose, rabbit, bird, chicken, horse, and others.
Me and my friend, Gare make a video about this place. Don't forget to watch it!


Festival of Art, Literature, and Culture "GATHAPRAYA"

     Last Saturday, 30 September 2017, students in 3 High School Bandung held an annually event Festival of Art, Literature, and Culture named Gathapraya. Gathapraya is different from another 'pensi' because this festival is held to foster love of traditional arts and culture to the community across generations. Gathapraya is a festival to remind that the art of culture is the ownership that is the joint responsibility to maintain, preserve, and develop it.
     At morning before went to the Bali field, all 10 grade members, teachers, and committees of Gathpraya was in Saparua to did a Parade before the official opening of Gathpraya. Each class wore the different clothes of different provinces. Before a Parade got started, there were dance performance and horse gymnastics by children in Saparua. Then, we started a Parade from Saparua to Bali Field.
     After arrived to Bali Field, 2 people each class dressed cust…

Plan for Holiday(Dialogue)

What Will You Do on The Next Holiday?
F : Hi Rio! How do you? D :Hi Fadhlan How do you? F : By the way, what's your plan about the next holiday? D : Mmm... I don't now... Usually my mother suggest me to taking a rest to Europe F : Wow! Usually? You're so rich dude. What will you do in there? D : Maybe I'll go there for fun. I'll use three countries package to there. F : Wow! You will visit 3 countries at once? How long? D : I think I will take 1-2 weeks. F : What countries do you visit? D : France, Netherlands, and United Kingdom. F : What are you doing in there? D : In France, I'll visit Paris and see the Eiffel Tower, go to Louvre Museum to see paintings. In Netherlands, I'll visit the country side and see windmills. And In UK of course I'll visit the Big Ben Clock Tower. F : Ohh Ok have fun.

Very Sad Moment Ever

My Bad Experience
    It was the very very sad moment that I've been done it. I was very unlucky that time. I was 4 elementary school. I joined car free day on Sunday. I took a bicycle with my friends. My friends and I came together in Mc Donald in BIP at 7. I came at 6.45 but there's nothing in there. I thought that my friends went ahead without me. My friends and I planned to ride a bicycle to Taman Hutan Raya Dago. So I went there alone. Actually, I didn't know the direction to there. But I was very angry because my friend went ahead without me.    On the way to the top, suddenly I fell off the bike because I rode very fast. My bike's gear was regardless. My foot and my arm bruised. It's very hurt and there was no one in there. I moved to the edge and fixed the bike gear, but I can't fix. Fortunately, there was a man and his child rode to the top. The man came to me and fixed my bike's gear. He fixed it so fast and I thanked him. I was very grateful bec…


In the corridor *bumping each other* Gare      : "Ahhh (bring a lot of books)" Fadhlan  : "O-Oh I'm so sorry. May  I help you?" Gare      : "Sure, Thanks." *picking up the book* Fadhlan  : "Hey, I never meet you before, what's your name?" Gare      : " My name is Muhammad Garebaldhie Er Rahman. You can call me Gare." Fadhlan  : "Nice to meet you. My name is Muhammad Fadhlan Solihan. Just call me Fadhlan Gare      : "Nice to meet you too Fadhlan" Fadhlan  : "What's your class?" Gare      : "My class is in X Science 4, what about you?" Fadhlan  : "I'm from X Science 6' Gare      : "Why you such in a rush?" Fadhlan  : "I need to buy some food because I'm hungry Gare      : "I'll accompany you" Fadhlan  : "Sure. Thanks, dude" *Walking to the cafeteria* Gare      : "What do you want to buy actually?" Fadhlan  : "I …

All About Me

It's All About Me
Hello guys!! It is my first time i make my own blog, this may seem so awkward because i've never made it before. I will explain all information about myself. My name is Muhammad Fadhlan Solihan. All of my friends call me Fadhlan. I was born in Bandung on 12th January 2002. My address is on Baranangsiang Street No. 257. I'm 15 now. I live with my parents, my little sister, my grandmother, and my grandfather. I'm a high school student on SMAN 3 Bandung. SMAN 3 Bandung is the most favourite school in Bandung. It located at Belitung Street No 8, Bandung. There are many things you will like in there. My school is full of intelligent students. All of them are are from different cities in West Java. In my school to there are lot of extracurricular you can join it. Nah, that's all of me. Sorry if i'm more telling about my school than telling about me. You can also interact with me through any other social media. Thank you for read my first post. See …