Sustainable Development Goals

Goals 9 "Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructures"
The reason why we choose this topic is because this will determine Indonesia's economic growth. Most population in Indonesia now living in cities. Mass transport and renewable energy are becoming ever more important, as are the growth of new industries and information and communication technologies.
For example, facilities on the toll road is still inadequate and uneven. This will effect mobility of people outside Java. Another example is terrain in Indonesia is still rough. This will effect internet tower building, this means not every people can access the internet.
Our solution to this matter is to improve human resources by increase education equality and allowing private company to help improve Indonesia's infrastructure like Public Private Partnership Program, applies to the communication, transportation, irrigation, electricity, and waste management sector.
What can we do to help? 1. Promote inclusive and sust…

Youtube, The Most Popular Social Networking Sites

Youtube is an application or web share and watch a lot things. Youtube was created by three former Paypal employees: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in February 2005. It was made thirteen years ago and has become the world's most-visited website after Google and Facebook. Almost everyone likes to access Youtube to watch or to share the video they made.
For teenagers, Youtube used as a source of students. There are so many content creator who always upload they learning videos like Bimbel Smarrt, Sibejoo Jada, Ruangguru, and others. Youtube also contain a lot of entertainment video for children. Children can watch animated video like Upin&Ipin, Boboiboy, Spongebob, and others in Youtube. Youtube can also used to watch sports, news, and also listening to music.
However, there are many videos those shared by many people which is not filtered by Youtube. Those videos contain elements of violence, harsh language, or indecent impressions. Especially for Indonesian people, t…

Analyze Invitation Letter

Inviter : Marie Ann Smith
Invitee : Her friends
Purpose : To invite Marie's friend to celebrate Marie's birthday
Contain : The contain is about inviting Marie's friend to join her birthday celebration

Date, time, and place :
Date : Saturday, July 15th 2011
Time : at 1.30 pm - 5.30 pm
Place : Candy Land Fairgrounds, 111 Main Street, Anycity, ST 12345

Kind of Invitation : Informal Invitation

Formal Invitation Letter

THE GOVERNMENT OF WEST JAVA PROVINCE STAFF OF EDUCATION 7TH REGIONAL STAFF OF EDUCATION BRANCH Belitung St. No. 8 Phone (022)4235154 Fax (022)4214420 Website: Email: Bandung - 40113 August 28th, 2018 Parents of 10th and 11th grade students 3 Senior Highschool Bandung
Subject: An invitation for taking students report card
With respect, In order to submit the report of competence of students odd semester the year of learning 2018/2019, we invite Mr. and Mrs. Parents of students to attend:
Day: Friday Date: September 7th, 2018 Time: 14.00 WIB – End Place: Each Class
Considering the importance of the event, please Mr. and Mrs. Parents of students to be present on time. 
Please call 083822021353 if you can not attend the event. Thank you for your attention. The Principal of 3 Senior Highschool Bandung,

Dr. Hj. Yeni Gantini, M.Pd. Master Coach NIP 19610623 198101 2002

Analyze Debate

Motion : The House Will Ban The National Exam
Opening Government:
National Exams will not make students progress. It is standard parameter for students to graduate from a certain school degree.

Opening Opposition:
National Exams shouldn't be banned as is provides a competitive spirit for the students.It is needed to make Indonesian education more advanced.

Closing Government:
The government  is doing examination without sufficient facilities and the examination itself is hard to be check by the students because government is the one who controls the checks.

Closing Opposition:
National Exam will improve students education. If it's removed what will students use for their education standard. The main reason why National Exam should not be banned is to motivate students to study hard and if the result of the National Exam is good it makes students feel good and increase confidence.

Winner: Opposition
I think the opposition side have more valid reasons of  'why national exams …

My Analysis on Offering and Suggestion

Fadhlan : "Sup!"

Zaki : "Aye!"

Fadhlan : "How are you?"

Zaki : "I'm good."

Fadhlan : "What are you doing?"

Zaki : "Just chillin'"

Fadhlan : "I have a good news for you."

Zaki : "What's that?"

Fadhlan : "We are 11 graders bro!"

Zaki : "Wooh! That's mean there will be cultural tour right?"

Fadhlan : "Exactly! What place is the best to go you think?"

Zaki : "Hmm.. let me think. Oh, maybe Lombok. The pink beach looks awesome!"

Fadhlan : "Nah, I don't think so. What if Yogya? We can visit Merapi Mountain. The sunset is good for real!"

Zaki : "I've visited that place like 10 times."

Fadhlan : "How about Komodo island? I want to see komodo. They're very cute."

Zaki : "Are you kidding me? They are scary you know! They have fangs, poison, and stuff."

Fadhlan : "Hmm.. maybe Bali is the best place right?&…

Edu Passion

Edu Passion 2018
On February 15, 2018, 3 Senior High School held an education fair event called Edu Passion. This event held annually which was previously named Lajur Misi. The event was held to provide an overview and choice for the students of class XII in terms of continuing education to favorite universities both public and private. There are 37 college booths that explain the advantages of each campus which makes the students more interested in their passion and not confused to determine the college majors.
Me and my friends make a vlog at that time so if you want to know more about our activities during this event. Check it out!
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