Sustainable Development Goals

Goals 9
"Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructures"

The reason why we choose this topic is because this will determine Indonesia's economic growth. Most population in Indonesia now living in cities. Mass transport and renewable energy are becoming ever more important, as are the growth of new industries and information and communication technologies.

For example, facilities on the toll road is still inadequate and uneven. This will effect mobility of people outside Java. Another example is terrain in Indonesia is still rough. This will effect internet tower building, this means not every people can access the internet.

Our solution to this matter is to improve human resources by increase education equality and allowing private company to help improve Indonesia's infrastructure like Public Private Partnership Program, applies to the communication, transportation, irrigation, electricity, and waste management sector.

What can we do to help?
1. Promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization
2. Increase access to financial markets and services
3. Enhance research and upgrade industrial technologies  

If this matter is taken seriously by us. It will improve Indonesia's economic growth


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