Letter Recommendation for Scholarship

To: Turkiye Scholarships Team

Muhammad Fadhlan Solihan
257, Baranangsiang St.
Bandung 40113

Turkiye Scholarships Program
145, Melvana Blv.
O─čuzlar Mahallesi 06520

It is a great pleasure to recommend Muhammad Zaki Dzunurain for highers studies in Turkey by your scholarship as a Turkiye Scholarships holder.

I know this intelligent boy for the past two years. I was his teacher in 3 Senior High School. I rarely come across students of this kind of level. He has memorized 30 Juz of Qur'an and explored its contents. To keep his memorization, he always read the Qur'an every morning and every night. He also see the meaning of the verses he read to know its meaning.

Apart from the academies, he possesses many good quality in the field of Islamic religion. He is very friendly and always to ask his friends to pray together early. He always help and support his friends to study more about Islam. Because of that, he become an easy-going person and like to get to know his friends more closely.

Besides, he also like to learn about aeronautical engineering. He want to work in a big aeronautical company because he thinks it is very cool to designing an aircraft. But, improve the knowledge of Islam is important goal for him.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email

Muhammad Fadhlan Solihan


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