Bakti Desa


  Bakdes or Bakti Desa is an annual event held by SMA Negeri 3 for 11th grader. The location of this event held in Desa Cibeureum on 3rd - 5th January 2019. The purpose of this event are to know and feel the situations in all conditions of living in there. My class stayed in RT 11 Kecamatan Kertasari. I stayed on my foster parent house with my friends.

   The first day we arrive at Desa Cibeureum and then we had given a welcoming from the village chief. After that, we met to our foster parents and went to their house. We just stayed around in house to get to known each other until Ashar. After we prayed Ashar, we went to field to interact with children in there. We played a lot with them until Maghrib. During Maghrib, we teach the children how to read Iqro and Qur'an properly in Mosque until Isya. After that, we went sleep.

   The second day we helped citizens there to do Jumat Bersih. Then, we went to potatoes garden to do farming and get all information about potatoes. After that, we gathered on playground and play again with children in there. The moment when we played with them was the best memory I've got in there. The children were cried because they known that is the last time we spent time together. During Maghrib we read Qur'an together in Mosque. During night we went to hill near the village. We named that hill 'Bukit Teletubbies'.

   The last day we visited Situ Cisanti by walking. The view in there was beautiful. After that we packed our stuff and said goodbye to my foster parent and took a photo with her too. I've got a lot of experience by living there. It teaches a lot of values like social, work hard, care to each others, be kind, be generous, and always be grateful.


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