Me, Myself, and I

On my first blog I wrote an information about me. Today, I will reintroduce myself and things that related to me.

Hello! My name is Muhammad Fadhlan Solihan, you can call me Fadhlan or Susu. Why Susu? Because when i was playing snake and ladder's game with my friends. I named my player Susu. And because of that I won three times in a row! (It's just luck). I was born in Bandung, 12th January 2002. Yup I'm 17 now (legal). I'm an 11th grader and study in SMAN 3 Bandung. My family consists of father, mother, and sister. My sister's name is Azkiya Tsabitha Fadillah. She is four years younger than me. She studies in Sabang Elementary School on 6th grade. I live on Baranangsiang Street with my parents, my sister, my grandmother, my uncle, my aunt, and my cousins.

I think that i have weaknesses of my character. I'm a lazy person and I have a motivation that is always sticks in my brain. That is "If other people can why should I?. I'm also a little grumpy person when I was on my PW condition and my friends come to interrupt me. My strength? Well, I'm a chill person and always enjoyed my activities. I'm also an easy-going person that always persuade my friends to do something. I also like to help people who need me. 

My hobbies are playing games and watching game play and movies. Games are so fun because they can refresh your mind. I'm playing a lot of games like Dragon Ball, Naruto, Real Kanojo, Cuphead, etc. I also like to enjoy action movies and anime. When i spent my leisure time, I usually do my hobbies. But when I'm boring with those two hobbies, I like to playing guitar and studying(maybe).

My goals? For now I want to graduate from my high school with a perfect score and make my parents proud. I want to bring my parents and also myself to Mecca to do Hajj. I also want to work on oil or mining industry because I think its very cool to work in the middle of sea. It's also get more money. So because of that, I want to continue my study to mining and oil engineering faculty in ITB and hopefully I want to get SNMPTN to there. To achieve my goals I must work hard, study hard, and don't be lazy (my weakness), and don't forget to pray to Allah.

My dreams? I hope I can be a person that always make their parents proud. I want to have a happily family with my beautiful-religious woman with 2 children and we together can go to Jannah.


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