Youtube, The Most Popular Social Networking Sites

Youtube is an application or web share and watch a lot things. Youtube was created by three former Paypal employees: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in February 2005. It was made thirteen years ago and has become the world's most-visited website after Google and Facebook. Almost everyone likes to access Youtube to watch or to share the video they made.

For teenagers, Youtube used as a source of students. There are so many content creator who always upload they learning videos like Bimbel Smarrt, Sibejoo Jada, Ruangguru, and others. Youtube also contain a lot of entertainment video for children. Children can watch animated video like Upin&Ipin, Boboiboy, Spongebob, and others in Youtube. Youtube can also used to watch sports, news, and also listening to music.

However, there are many videos those shared by many people which is not filtered by Youtube. Those videos contain elements of violence, harsh language, or indecent impressions. Especially for Indonesian people, they always upload unique videos on Youtube and then become viral all over the internet. Those videos maybe are not educational for children. Its very harmful for children and youngster when watching those video because it will damage morals. Children will imitate those videos and then make similar video just for the sake of fame.

The conclusion is, Youtube have positive and negative effect. It all depends on how we do and act to it. So, we must use Youtube wisely. The positive effect must be taken and avoid the negative effect.   


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