My Analysis on Offering and Suggestion

Fadhlan : "Sup!"

Zaki : "Aye!"

Fadhlan : "How are you?"

Zaki : "I'm good."

Fadhlan : "What are you doing?"

Zaki : "Just chillin'"

Fadhlan : "I have a good news for you."

Zaki : "What's that?"

Fadhlan : "We are 11 graders bro!"

Zaki : "Wooh! That's mean there will be cultural tour right?"

Fadhlan : "Exactly! What place is the best to go you think?"

Zaki : "Hmm.. let me think. Oh, maybe Lombok. The pink beach looks awesome!"

Fadhlan : "Nah, I don't think so. What if Yogya? We can visit Merapi Mountain. The sunset is good for real!"

Zaki : "I've visited that place like 10 times."

Fadhlan : "How about Komodo island? I want to see komodo. They're very cute."

Zaki : "Are you kidding me? They are scary you know! They have fangs, poison, and stuff."

Fadhlan : "Hmm.. maybe Bali is the best place right?"

Zaki : "Yeah mate! Bali is good. I want to see Ngaben ceremony."

Fadhlan : "Yeah bro! I want to see it too! Do you know Kutai?"

Zaki : "Yup! It's a beach isn't it?"

Fadhlan: "Yes. We can do diving there! The sunset scenery is also very good like 10 times better than Merapi Mountain!"

Zaki : "For real?"

Fadhlan : "Absolutely!"

Zaki : "Oh my God I can't wait it bro!"

Fadhlan : "Yeah me too!"

The yellow background color sentences are offering and suggestion


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