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Motion : The House Will Ban The National Exam

Opening Government:
National Exams will not make students progress. It is standard parameter for students to graduate from a certain school degree.

Opening Opposition:
National Exams shouldn't be banned as is provides a competitive spirit for the students.It is needed to make Indonesian education more advanced.

Closing Government:
The government  is doing examination without sufficient facilities and the examination itself is hard to be check by the students because government is the one who controls the checks.

Closing Opposition:
National Exam will improve students education. If it's removed what will students use for their education standard. The main reason why National Exam should not be banned is to motivate students to study hard and if the result of the National Exam is good it makes students feel good and increase confidence.

Winner: Opposition
I think the opposition side have more valid reasons of  'why national exams are important' than the government side.


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