Very Sad Moment Ever

My Bad Experience

    It was the very very sad moment that I've been done it. I was very unlucky that time. I was 4 elementary school. I joined car free day on Sunday. I took a bicycle with my friends. My friends and I came together in Mc Donald in BIP at 7. I came at 6.45 but there's nothing in there. I thought that my friends went ahead without me. My friends and I planned to ride a bicycle to Taman Hutan Raya Dago. So I went there alone. Actually, I didn't know the direction to there. But I was very angry because my friend went ahead without me.
   On the way to the top, suddenly I fell off the bike because I rode very fast. My bike's gear was regardless. My foot and my arm bruised. It's very hurt and there was no one in there. I moved to the edge and fixed the bike gear, but I can't fix. Fortunately, there was a man and his child rode to the top. The man came to me and fixed my bike's gear. He fixed it so fast and I thanked him. I was very grateful because my bike was fixed.
   I continued my trip to TAHURA. My arm was dirty filled with oil in the gear that I fixed it before. I stopped my trip because I did not know the direction. Everything in there looked foreign because I never went there. I thought that I was lost. My drink was already empty and my money just 10.000,- rupiahs. I didn't know what must I do and I started to crying. Then, there was an entourage of Indomaret's employees went to the top. So I followed them. One of them asked me where I wanted to go. I told him that I want to the TAHURA. He told me that he and the others were going to Gedung Sate, not to TAHURA. But I was very grateful because finally there was a way to went back to home. I decided to went to back to home because I was already exhausted.
  Finally, we've got there. Then I bought an energy drink in there and said Thank you to all of them. Then I started taking a ride to home. My right arm felt very hurt, but I kept riding. The distance between my house and Gedung Sate was 3 km. It was a long trip to go back to home. I passed my elementary school on the way. Then, I got a message from my friends who went to TAHURA. He asking me why I didn't come to Mc Donald before we started to trip. I said to him that I came at 6.45 but there was nothing in there. I said to him I thought he and the other went ahead without me. But, my friends said he came at 7.15. My other friends came that time too. I laughed when I knew it. So I came early right?
  It was very sad but I laughed to myself because of that trip I got a lot of valuable experience. I'm really grateful to the people who helped me that time. Then I continued my rode to home. At home I told my father about this incident and after that I went straight to sleep.


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