Plan for Holiday(Dialogue)

What Will You Do on The Next Holiday?

F : Hi Rio! How do you?
D :Hi Fadhlan How do you?
F : By the way, what's your plan about the next holiday?
D : Mmm... I don't now... Usually my mother suggest me to taking a rest to Europe
F : Wow! Usually? You're so rich dude. What will you do in there?
D : Maybe I'll go there for fun. I'll use three countries package to there.
F : Wow! You will visit 3 countries at once? How long?
D : I think I will take 1-2 weeks.
F : What countries do you visit?
D : France, Netherlands, and United Kingdom.
F : What are you doing in there?
D : In France, I'll visit Paris and see the Eiffel Tower, go to Louvre Museum to see paintings. In Netherlands, I'll visit the country side and see windmills. And In UK of course I'll visit the Big Ben Clock Tower.
F : Ohh Ok have fun.


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